CWI Endorsement Training Preparation Course for ASME VIII and IX - Video Training
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CWI存款准备培训课程ASME VIII(规则压力容器的建造)和ASME IX(焊接资质)是视频培训课程,并为40小时(5天)课程,并在网上提供世界各地。

Hi, this is Bob Rasooli from I4I Academy. There is no powerpoint presentation with a voice-over in this course. I know most people do not like online courses or do not see as effective as a real classroom course; that is why I am using video training and editing videos to simulate the actual classes for my students.

Each course comes with a handout which you need to review them while/or after watching the videos.

When you completed the video training sessions for ASME VIII (Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels) and ASME IX ( Welding Qualification) which cumulatively is almost 15 hours, in the next step, you will be connected to the practice exam portal with hundreds of practice exam questions; you need to complete them. There are almost 300 questions about section VIII Div.1 and 170 questions about section IX

你要采取期末考试在CWI代言的培训课程结束并接受了i4i学院的证书有我的签名。必威3D百家乐本课程将准备你拿AWS CWI背书考试,或者如果你是第一次考试CWI接受者,你可以使用这个预备课程为您的C部分的考试。

Package: Video Training / Handout / Practice Test and Exam Questions / I4I Academy Certificate / 48 Hours Training Credit CWI Endorsement Exam Prep Course / Technical Support* / 4 Months Access


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Sample CWI Endorsement Training Videos

Sample Practice Questions for CWI Endorsement Training

I4I Academy Certificate for CWI Endorsement Training Course for ASME VIII (Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels) and ASME IX ( Welding Qualification)

AWS CWI Endorsement Training Preparation Course for ASME VIII and IX - Content

Following subjects are covered in ASME section VIII Div. 1:

  • Hierarchy of application
  • Laws & Regulations at the location of installation
  • ASME - Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code
  • 国家局检验规范NBIC
  • 建设代码和引用的代码
  • Manufacturer Certificate of Authorization
  • Authorised Inspection Agency
  • 制造商的责任和质量控制
  • User Responsibilities
  • The scope of Section VIII Div.1, 2 and 3
  • The Subsection of VIII Div. 1 (A, B and C)
  • Material Requirements
  • Design of Pressure Vessel (Wall thickness calculation) -Optional
  • Static Head Calculation -Optional
  • Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) and Part MAWP
  • Joint Category and Weld Types
  • Special Services
  • Pressure Vessel Openings
  • Impact Testing Requirements (Evaluation for exemption and performance)
  • Fabrication and Welding Requirements and Tolerances
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment Requirements
  • 非破坏性测试要求(RT,UT,MT和PT)
  • Hydrostatic and Pneumatic Testing Requirements
  • Name Plate and ASME Marking
  • Manufacturer Data Report and NBIC Registration
  • Miscellaneous Requirements

Following Topics are covered in ASME Section IX

  • WPS, PQR and WPQ Definition as per Section IX
  • Manufacturer Responsibility Regarding Welding
  • P, F, A numbers / Group Number
  • Essential, non-essential and supplementary essential variables
  • SFA Specification and AWS Classification
  • Write and Qualify a WPS Without Impact Testing Requirements
  • Discuss Welding variable ( Joint Design, Base Material, Wall Thickness Range, Filler Metal, Position, Pre-heat Temp, Interpass Temp, PWHT Temp and Holding Time, Gas or Flux, Electrical Characteristics, Technique, etc.)
  • Welder and Welding Operator Performance Qualification
  • Qualifying with the Volumetric Method or Mechanical Testing / Requirements
  • 合格的位置,管径,壁厚等。
  • Standard WPS's
  • Write and review a WPS with Impact Test Requirements


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