Third Party Inspection for Control Panel - Procedure

第三方检验控制器l Panel article provides a sample procedure for control panel testing and control panel inspection in the manufacturing shop. You might need to review this article with the控制面板的检查和测试计划.

This content guides you through all the necessary stages in the production of the control panels, including the raw material, final inspection, preservation and packing, and dispatch to site.你需要考虑这一点考虑:这篇文章是一个典型的控制面板书面和在特殊情况下可能无法详细介绍。


Third Party Inspection for Control Panel


  • 设计规范
  • Purchase order specification
  • 买方的标准
  • 批准的图纸

The applicable codes and standards may be based any international standards. This content is general and can be useful for all recognized standards.


The list of documents normally is agreed upon in the Pre-Inspection meeting, which is held several weeks before the actual commencement of the inspection work. The parties that participate in this meeting are the manufacturer, purchaser and third party inspection agency representatives.


第三方检验的控制面板 - 材料检验

The first actual inspection work in the control panel is the raw materials inspection.

的原件或复印件认证材料的工厂证书normally are available at the manufacturer's premises.

Thethird party inspectorexamines these certificates for compliance with specifications, and where appropriate, drawings.




When the third party inspector carries out the material inspection, then provides the inspection visit report (IVR), the report contains the following items:

  • 满意的文件审查的确认
  • Record of the endorsement of certification reviewed/witnessed
  • Record of all non-conformities
  • 目睹任何测试,并将结果记录


When the control panel raw material inspection is carried out, and the results were satisfactory ornon-conformities通过补救措施进行封闭,然后在控制面板制造商将开始制造。

The third party inspector checks the following points on the control panel, based on the inspection and test plan (ITP), which has already been agreed upon between the purchaser and the control panel manufacturer.

检查范围在ITP确定。有些买家喜欢有严格的控制和分配TPI更多的“hold or witness points”为检验和试验活动,和其他一些人宁愿少‘持有或证人点’,并分配TPI中做更多的工作‘审查文件’。

This depends in the inspection budget, which purchasers assign for inspection. Much more inspection will have a much larger cost and less risk, and conversely, less inspection will have less cost but more risks.

The third party inspector checks the following items in the control panel casing inspection process:

  • Paint inspection including blast cleaning (SSPC-SP 10或5),表面轮廓,Dry film thickness,颜色等。
  • 铭牌控制
  • 外形尺寸,界面的尺寸,母线尺寸和间隙等规定尺寸
  • Tightness/torque of terminals
  • 防护等级


Third Party Inspection for Control Panel - General Arrangement Check


Third Party Inspection for Control Panel - Insulation Resistance Test



The test result depends to the circuit但如果是低于2兆欧是不能接受的。

第三方检验的控制面板 - 耐压试验(Dialectric测试)

1.5kV的工频电压被控制电路和地之间施加1分钟。Similarly power frequency voltage, calculated appropriate to the applicable specification, is applied to all applicable permutations for power circuits for 1 minute.

The test would be acceptable if the no flashover and puncture occurs during the test.


控制电路功能测试和电路通过适当的测试证实。The test result would be acceptable if meet approved schematic diagrams (including appropriate, recorded, “as built” alterations) and project philosophy



  • 锁定
  • Interlocking systems
  • 绘制机制
  • 开闭机制
  • 互换性。

The test would be acceptable if all the mechanisms work correctly.

第三方检验的控制面板 - 油漆和涂料检验


  • Cleaning method (Blast or scraping and wire brushing)
  • 准备等级
  • Freedom from weld spatter, blow-holes and other defects
  • Dry film thickness is checked according to specification


第三方检验的控制面板 - 报告

The third party inspector provides an Inspection Visit Report (IVR) after each visit, as well as a final report summarizing the activities carried out during the control panel production in accordance with the contract requirements and circulated within the time limits specified in the contract.


第三方检验的控制面板 - 发行说明


Third Party Inspection for Control PanelPacking, Marking and Shipping


  • Verify that the packing materials conform to specifications and accepted practice for the mode of transport.
  • 验证对湿度,磨损,变形和其它损坏的保护。
  • Verify shipping marks to marking instructions and record.
  • 验证处理的痕迹。

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